Privacy Policy for OceanEx Services

OceanEX and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “OceanEx” or “we” or “us”) provide services that permit you to trade cryptographic tokens and other digital rights or assets. This Privacy Policy describes how OceanEx collects, uses, stores, and protects information about users of the Services and applies to information we collect when you use our website (the “Site”) and to any other related services provided by OceanEx (collectively, the “Services”).

We may periodically post changes to this Privacy Policy by revising the date at the top of this page.

We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy whenever you access the Services or otherwise interact with us to stay informed about our information practices and the choices available to you.

1. Scope

1.1 This Privacy Policy informs users of how OceanEx will use and protect any Personal Information submitted when accessing its services.This policy is legally binding when using any OceanEx Services, as defined below.

1.2 This Privacy Policy is applicable to any OceanEx Services which are accessed in any manner.

1.3 This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. The amended policy will be posted to this website and OceanEx users will be updated via email of any amendments to this policy.

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of this policy, the following terms are defined below as:

2.1.1 “OceanEx Account” refers to any account which is offered by OceanEx services where digital assets are stored. These accounts are accessible to OceanEx users.

2.1.2 “OceanEx Services” refers to any OceanEx related services, accounts, websites, or applications operated by the BitOcean Global company (together “OceanEx”, “the Platform,” “we”, “our” or “us”).

2.1.3 “Personal Data” or “Personal Information” refers to any information which allows users to be identified as a natural person or subject. This will include names, identification numbers, geographic locations, email addresses, contact details or any other unique or online identifier.

3. Protection of Personal Information

3.1 OceanEx is committed to the safeguarding of all Personal Information and actively protecting against unauthorized access to, and unauthorized disclosure or destruction of, any Personal Information collected and stored. We will constantly review all information collection practices and constantly update as necessary in keeping with best practice standard. Our staff will also undergo training and education on maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of our customer information. Other measures will include the use of a firewall to efficiently protect your information. We advise that you should contact us immediately at [email protected] if you notice any security flaws within our services.

3.2 OceanEx is unable to guarantee the security of Personal Information when it is being transmitted on the internet and advises that we will not be responsible for any compromised data during these acts of transmission.

4. Personal Information Usage

4.1 OceanEx will use your Personal Information to meet any legal and statutory regulations which we must comply with. This includes any prevention of fraud requirements, AML requirements or contractual obligations with you or in your interest, which we must fulfill. We will not sell, transfer, exchange or otherwise provide your Personal Information to a third party without your consent.

4.2 We will also use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

4.2.1 to verify your identity when using our services;

4.2.2 to provide you with our services and products;

4.2.3 to facilitate transactions;

4.2.4 to understand how to better manage your OceanEx account;

4.2.5 to inform you of any amendments to our services, terms and policies; and

4.2.6 to carry out surveys and get feedback from you.

5. Disclosure of Personal Information

5.1 TYour Personal Information may be disclosed by us to the following third parties:

5.1.1 any of OceanEx’ affiliates, business partners, contractors, employees, representatives or subsidiaries in order to execute any contractual obligations with you or for you;

5.1.2 our service providers for the purpose of efficiently providing our services to you; and

5.1.3 any analytics or search engine providers who aide us in improving our services and providing them to you at an optimal level.

5.2 Your Personal Information may also be disclosed by us:

5.2.1 if your Personal Information is considered a transfer asset where OceanEX or a majority of its assets is acquired by a third party;

5.2.2 where there is a duty to disclose arising from a legal obligation or as a result of enforcing or applying our Terms and Conditions of Services;

5.2.3 where there is a duty to disclose in order to protect the rights, property or safety of OceanEx and/or affiliates;

5.2.4 during the course of an investigation of fraud or other illegal act where the disclosure is deemed reasonable by us;

5.2.5 if we receive a lawful subpoena, warrant, or court order to disclose; and

5.2.6 if we attempt to recover debt from you as a result of your insolvency.

5.3 OceanEx does not maintain a full published list of all third parties whom we may share your Personal Information with. Should you seek further information, this may be requested by contacting us at [email protected].

6. Storage of Personal Information

OceanEx’ operations are maintained by a network of information technology including computers and servers. This network also includes third-party service providers. Via this network, your personal information is stored and processed in the US, Luxembourg, China, and Singapore.

7. Cookies

We use a browser feature known as a cookie, which assigns a unique identification to your computer. Cookies are typically stored on your computer's hard drive. Information collected from cookies is used by us to evaluate the effectiveness of our Site, analyze trends, and administer the Platform. The information collected from cookies allows us to determine such things as which parts of our Site are most visited and difficulties our visitors may experience in accessing our Site. With this knowledge, we can improve the quality of your experience on the Platform by and delivering more of the most desired features and information, as well as by resolving access difficulties.

We use third-party service provider(s), to assist us in better understanding the use of our Site. Our service provider(s) will place cookies on the hard drive of your computer and will receive information that we select that will educate us on such things as how visitors navigate around our site, what products are browsed, and general Transaction information. Our service provider(s) analyses this information and provides us with aggregate reports. The information and analysis provided by our service provider(s) will be used to assist us in better understanding our visitors interests in our Site and how to better serve those interests. The information collected by our service provider(s) may be linked to and combined with information that we collect about you while you are using the Platform. Our service provider(s) is/are contractually restricted from using the information they receive from our Site other than to assist us. By using our Site you are agreeing that we may use cookies for the purposes set out above. You may refuse to accept the cookies but this can result in not being able to accept some features of our services.

8. Fraud Disclaimer

Please be notified that OceanEx is not in any partnership with entities who represent themselves as customer support agents, providing customer support services via phone and/or social media and promise to help solve your issues for money. Remember - customer support is provided only via the OceanEx website and is always provided free of charge.

If you discovered what you believe is a fraud, phishing, or scam which impersonates OceanEx, please email us at [email protected].

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns not specifically regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices as it or they relate to the Platform, please contact us at the email address [email protected].