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Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

OceanEx does not charge fees on deposits. When withdrawing tokens, Other than exchange withdrawal fee, the minimum blockchain network fees are set dynamically based on network loads. OceanEx will adjust tokens' withdrawal fees on irregular basis.

Please note: Withdrawal fees will be dynamic adjusted within the reasonable range based on market and public traffic conditions

CoinMinimum Deposit AmountMinimum Withdrawal AmountWithdrawal Fee
AAVE (Ethereum(ERC20))0.1 AAVE0.1 AAVE0.19 AAVE
ADA (Cardano)4.0 ADA150.0 ADA1.0 ADA
ARB (Arbitrum One)10.0 ARB4.0 ARB1.0 ARB
ATOM (Cosmos)0.1 ATOM2.0 ATOM0.005 ATOM
B3TR (VeChain)50.0 B3TR100.0 B3TR1.0 B3TR
BCH (Bitcoin Cash)0.01 BCH0.01 BCH0.001 BCH
BNB (BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2))0.05 BNB0.2 BNB0.001 BNB
BNB (BSC)0.02 BNB0.04 BNB0.001 BNB
IZI (BSC)10.0 IZI4.0 IZI50.0 IZI
BTC (Bitcoin)0.001 BTC0.002 BTC0.0005 BTC
BTR (Ethereum(ERC20))40.0 BTR100.0 BTR15.49 BTR
BUSD (Ethereum(ERC20))1.0 BUSD20.0 BUSD10.87 BUSD
CKB (Nervos Network)20.0 CKB71.0 CKB10.0 CKB
COMP (Ethereum(ERC20))0.05 COMP0.05 COMP16.66 COMP
CRO (Ethereum(ERC20))0.001 CRO100.0 CRO50.0 CRO
CRV (Ethereum(ERC20))12.0 CRV12.0 CRV16.69 CRV
DASH (Dash)0.01 DASH0.05 DASH0.001 DASH
DBET (VeChain)10.0 DBET1000.0 DBET5.0 DBET
DEGEN (BSC)10000000.0 DEGEN4000000.0 DEGEN3000000.0 DEGEN
DGB (DigiByte)100.0 DGB100.0 DGB1.0 DGB
DOGE (Dogecoin)20.0 DOGE25.0 DOGE10.0 DOGE
DOT (Polkadot)0.00001 DOT0.00001 DOT0.1 DOT
EHrT (VeChain)100.0 EHrT100.0 EHrT100.0 EHrT
EOS (EOS)0.2 EOS1.0 EOS0.1 EOS
ETC (Ethereum Classic)0.02 ETC0.5 ETC0.01 ETC
ETH (Ethereum)0.01 ETH0.02 ETH0.005 ETH
MATIC (Ethereum(ERC20))10.0 MATIC4.0 MATIC10.0 MATIC
FIL (Filecoin)0.01 FIL0.01 FIL0.01 FIL
HAI (VeChain)10.0 HAI10.0 HAI5.0 HAI
HOT (Ethereum(ERC20))2000.0 HOT13000.0 HOT16.69 HOT
IAI (Ethereum(ERC20))10.0 IAI10.0 IAI16.65 IAI
IOST (IOST)100.0 IOST650.0 IOST100.0 IOST
IPX (Tachyon Protocol)0.1 IPX0.1 IPX2.0 IPX
IZI (Ethereum(ERC20))10.0 IZI4.0 IZI500.0 IZI
JUR (VeChain)200.0 JUR200.0 JUR5.0 JUR
KSM (kusama)0.1 KSM0.1 KSM0.02 KSM
LEND (Ethereum(ERC20))10.0 LEND10.0 LEND16.65 LEND
LINK (Ethereum(ERC20))1.0 LINK2.5 LINK1.25 LINK
LTC (Litecoin)0.1 LTC0.1 LTC0.01 LTC
MATIC (Polygon)10.0 MATIC4.0 MATIC2.0 MATIC
MKR (Ethereum(ERC20))0.002 MKR0.02 MKR0.006 MKR
OCE (VeChain)200.0 OCE1000.0 OCE100.0 OCE
OMG (Ethereum(ERC20))1.6 OMG5.0 OMG16.65 OMG
PLA (VeChain)10000.0 PLA2000.0 PLA1000.0 PLA
SHA (VeChain)1000.0 SHA200.0 SHA100.0 SHA
SUSHI (Ethereum(ERC20))2.0 SUSHI9.36 SUSHI16.65 SUSHI
UNI (Ethereum(ERC20))2.0 UNI2.0 UNI16.65 UNI
USDNo Limit50.0 USD35.0 USD
USDC (Ethereum(ERC20))1.0 USDC20.0 USDC16.65 USDC
USDT (ERC20)10.0 USDT20.0 USDT16.65 USDT
USDT (TRC20)10.0 USDT20.0 USDT1.0 USDT
VET (VeChain)150.0 VET200.0 VET50.0 VET
VSYS (v.systems)10.0 VSYS30.0 VSYS1.0 VSYS
VTHO (VeChain)1000.0 VTHO200.0 VTHO100.0 VTHO
X2Y2 (Ethereum(ERC20))150.0 X2Y250.0 X2Y215.49 X2Y2
XLM (Stellar Network)3.0 XLM80.0 XLM0.01 XLM
XMX (Ethereum(ERC20))500.0 XMX6000.0 XMX5867.0 XMX
XRP (Ripple)10.0 XRP30.0 XRP0.2 XRP
XTZ (Tezos)0.2 XTZ5.0 XTZ0.1 XTZ
YFI (Ethereum(ERC20))0.0003 YFI0.0003 YFI16.65 YFI
ZEC (Zcash)0.01 ZEC0.1 ZEC0.005 ZEC