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Why Buy Crypto With Debit or Credit Cards?

- Fast: Assets can be credited within 10-30 minutes after a successful purchase

- Low Fees: Simplex charges only 3.5% per transaction (10 USD minimum)

- Convenient: Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted

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You will now leave and be redirected to Simplex. Services relating to card payments are provided by Simplex which is a separate platform owned by a third party. Please read and agree to Simplex’s Terms of Use before using their services. For any questions relating to card payments, please contact Simplex. OceanEx does not assume any responsibility for any losses or damages caused by the use of this card payment services.

Please Note:

1.Currently the following countries are unable to use this service include Mainland of China, United States, Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, North Korea, Ghana, Iceland, Iran, Lebanon, Mongolia, Pakistan, Panama, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen, Zimbabwe. In addition to the countries listed above, your card-issuing bank may also restrict your payment, please contact your bank for details;

2.To prevent price fluctuations from causing you losses, please complete the transaction within 15 minutes. When the price volatility exceeds 2.5%, you will receive a confirmation email from Simplex about whether to continue trading;

3.The payment limit of every single-user is 20K daily or 50K monthly (equivalent US dollars), and the single payment limit is 50 $ to 20,000 $;

4.After successful payment, the assets you purchased will be deposited into your wallet address on OceanEx within 10-30 minutes, which can be checked in the “Fund” page;

5.The first payment by card requires identification information for verification. Currently, only English identity information is supported;

6.You will receive an email from OceanEx containing the order ID. If you have any questions, please use the order ID to consult with Simplex.

Please Note:

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